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The Israel Hedge Funds Association (IHFA)                                                                                                           (R.A)

The Israel Hedge Funds Association (IHFA) was established informally in the spring of 2013 by a group of Israeli and international investment managers and service providers in the hedge fund industry.  The vision was to support the hedge fund industry in Israel as an integral part of the industry’s worldwide community.

Through its expanding activities, the IHFA acts as a bridge to connect the local Israeli industry and its overseas peers, bringing together professional managers, investors and service providers.

In 2015 the IHFA registered as a non-profit organization in Israel. It's objectives are: (a) to represent and promote the common interests of the hedge fund industry with governmental bodies in Israel; (b) to provide recommendations for best practices of the industry in Israel; (c) to provide access to professional information; and (d) to broaden and deepen market and public knowledge about the hedge fund industry."

Membership in the IHFA is open to individuals and entities from Israel and overseas who specialize in the hedge fund industry, such as hedge fund managers, institutional and private investors, family offices and service providers.

Members in the IHFA will benefit from:

* Belonging to a high quality network of professionals from Israel, the USA, Europe and Asia. The network meets on a yearly basis in         conferences organized by the IHFA and its sponsors and partners.

* Access to professional information such as best practices, compliance,due diligence questionnaires, as well as professional            publications by members of the IHFA.

*  Invitations to members-only events, including workshops, round tables and seminars, on issues concerning the industry, such as        marketing ,fund administration, setting up offshore funds, tax and more.

* Access to IHFA members’ database (subject to the consent of the members).

* Receiving discounts to IHFA conferences and to conferences and events of other organizations worldwide.

Joining as a member will increase the IHFA’s influence in its endeavors to promote the mutual interests of the industry with policymakers.

For more information about the IHFA and ways to become a member please e-mail info@ihfa.co.il.